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1927 Austin Seven Tourer (Chummy)

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My radiator after a complet rebuild with new Hex. film core which is correct for my car, it was fitted with a A film wich most Sevens were fitted with from 1928. The small disc with A in centre was fitted then.

The radiator was rebuilt by Readyrads Ltd Birmingham tel. 0121 771 0022 I have used this firm for years.

I have purchased a magneto and had it rebuilt, picture shows it after a complet rebuild. But after having it rebuilt I found it was rebuilt to go anti-clockwise being sold to me in this altered state and because this was the first car I have worked on with a magneto I did not not know how to check this. So to check that the magneto is going in the direction that you want, is to turn it in that direction while looking at the contacts, the contacts should lead, if the heel leads it is wrong.

I have been able to find someone to change it back to clocwise.

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