1927 Austin Seven Tourer


Making a Knee Horn


On the left is mark 1 top of picture that I made some time ago (can be seen on my Top Hat in home page)

Mark 2 at bottom of picture with all soldered joints and finished horn in picture on right.

The mark 1 I used a compression elbow fitting with plastic olive so it could be dismantled, this as not worked very well, it just works lose. So both my cars have mark 2  horns fitted now. These fit through hole in body of car, with bulb and brass tube unscrewed . 


The pictures on the left are what I used to make the horns, a old brass horn and a cheap reproduction horn.

Picture on right shows soldered

elbow fitted to cut of horn note of have cut of the bit that holds the solder for the right look.


The picture on the right shows a bit of brass shaped to fit on the end of fitting.

  The difficult bit is the soldering, the secret to soldering is to get every part cleaned well and wetted with solder, that is a coating of solder on all parts before assembly.

 You will need to reheat the joints to get right angles by trail and error